Services Provided Free of Charge

Parish Health Services

holding someones hand

Parish Health is a caring community network of volunteers who help us navigate life together.

Volunteer Community Supporting You

A Caring Community

Parish Health consists of volunteers who support the goal of navigating life together in community.

The Parish Health Volunteer role is primarily a caring role; care involves the whole person – physical, emotional, spiritual, relational health and wellbeing.

There is no charge for services since the service is primarily a consultative support role.

The Parish Health Volunteer does not replace the client’s physician, pastor or other health care professional services. The goal of the service is to promote a caring community that supports navigating life together.

Each volunteer comes with a unique background to share with you. Contact and visits with volunteers will remain confidential unless you would like to connect with pastoral staff or other community services.

Types of Services:

  • Provide practical support following hospitalization or illness
  • Provide bridging services such as home, hospital and nursing home visits
  • Support advanced care planning
  • Talk through challenges of life transitions
  • Navigating health care systems
  • Sponsor programs and seminars based on church and community needs
  • With coordination and referral to other community services
  • Prepare for broader emergency situations
  • Provide presence, spiritual and prayer support for health and life challenges