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The Creed

As Americans, we have become accustomed to a relatively consistent good life that has led to a complacency even as we see troubles around the world. Now we have had our own time of shaking. Read more...

Covid-19 has reminded us of our own mortality. Lock down has reminded us we need each other. And the tragic death of George Floyd has reminded us we have a long way to go in creating a fully just society. Jesus reminded us of a house built on the sand that falls when the storm comes. He reminds us that a house built upon the rock will stand. The Apostles Creed speaks of the foundation that we have, one that is solid ground. The Creed itself comes to us from the 4th century, but more importantly it is a summary of the key truths of the Christian faith as found in the Scriptures, the solid foundation upon which we stand.

For the next few Sundays we will see how The Creed provides solid ground in this time when the earth around us shakes.

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Life is not a solo journey.

Whether single or married, young or old, we are meant to take the journey of life with others.  At North Sound Church, our motto is “Navigating Life Together”. We believe this is how we will best fulfill our purpose in life.  We want to help you connect with others, understand the Bible, develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, be challenged to take the next steps in your spiritual journey, participate in compelling worship services and develop meaningful relationships.

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