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pauls letter to the american church

04/16/23 – 06/25/23

Paul’s Letter to the American Church

We will be unpacking Paul’s first letter to the church in Thessalonica as we seek to understand the Lord’s will for us as American Christians today.

Journey To The Cross - Lent 2023

02/22/23 – 04/09/23

Lent: Journey to the Cross

Together, we'll look at Christ's journey to the cross and the gift it means for us all.

Five Words of Worship

01/22/23 – 02/19/23

The Five Words of Worship

Together, we'll look at the five words that have remained the same throughout history and in every language.

The Promised One Devotional

11/27/22 – 12/25/22

Advent: Five Words of Worship

Join us as we look towards Christmas Day, the promise of Jesus Christ, and the arrival of hope. Each week we will celebrate advent by learning more about God's plan and Jesus' purpose in our lives.

Life Together

10/02/22 – 11/20/22

Life Together

Together, we'll look at how the Bible teaches us to embrace community and how we pursue God's plan through discipleship, fellowship, worship, and service.

In the Beginning - Sermon Series about the book of Genesis

07/03/22 – 09/18/22

In the Beginning

Together, we'll look at God's big plan for us from the first three chapters of Genesis.

What About the Bible?

05/15/22 – 06/26/22

What About the Bible?

In this series, we will explore how we got our Bible, how it is God’s revelation to us, how to read the Bible for greater understanding, and the power of the Bible in our lives.

Easter & Holy Week

04/10/22 – 04/17/22

Easter 2022 & Holy Week

Join us as we celebrate the sacrifice, death, resurrection, and promise of Jesus Christ.

the ten commandments - Sunday Morning Series

03/02/22 – 04/10/22

2022 Season of Lent

Join us for this year's Season of Lent. We will dive deep into the 10 Commandments during the upcoming weeks leading to Easter.

Moses, with waves and a burning bush

01/09/22 – 02/27/22

Moses: Growing Through Challenging Times

One of the best ways to cope is to learn from the experiences of those who have gone before. We will spend January and February with Moses growing through challenging times.

Sunday Morning Services

01/02/22 – 01/15/23

Standalone Sermons

A collection of sermons and Sunday Services given on special occasions or in-between series.

Advent 2021

11/28/21 – 12/24/21

Advent Season 2021

Don't Be Afraid! This advent season we look at how the promise of Jesus brings hope and peace.