Sunday Resources for November 29, 2020

This Sunday we are bringing you a virtual Sunday Service from our living rooms to yours. We hope you enjoy it in this time that we are unable to meet together in person. Click Play on the video below to get started. Got a big screen? Watch the service on YouTube on your TV!

Discussion Questions

  1. What has surprised you about this time of extended quarantine?  How have you thrived?  How have you struggled?
  2. Where have you experienced the hope of God during this time?
  3. Read Isaiah 9:2 – Where do you see the light of Christ shining in darkness around you and/or in your own heart?
  4. How do you find yourself holding lament and hope at the same time?  What do you hear God saying to you in this place?

Resources for Prayer

North Sound Kids

5-Minute Family Devotional – Episode 3 & Episode 4