Sunday Resources for October 25, 2020

This Sunday we are bringing you a virtual Sunday Service from our living rooms to yours. We hope you enjoy it in this time that we are unable to meet together in person. Click Play on the video below to get started. Got a big screen? Watch the service on YouTube on your TV!

Discussion Questions

  1. When have you experienced pruning in your life?  How did you respond?
  2. What does it mean to you to be connected to Christ as a branch is to the vine?
  3. What have you been asking Jesus for lately?  What are you hearing from him?
  4. How are you and/or the people around you experiencing the fruit of you being connected to Jesus?
  5. What does it cost you to love those around you?
  6. What word would define you at the moment?  Where does love fit in?
  7. Jesus’ boils down his commandment to one – Love one another.
  8. What does that look like for you?
  9. Are there other commandments that you want to add to that?
  10. How has your experience of God’s love inspired your capacity to love others?
  11. Where are you finding joy these days?
  12. Where do you sense God inviting you to joy in your life right now?

Resources for Prayer