Sunday Resources for October 11, 2020

This Sunday we are bringing you a virtual Sunday Service from our living rooms to yours. We hope you enjoy it in this time that we are unable to meet together in person. Click Play on the video below to get started. Got a big screen? Watch the service on YouTube on your TV!

Discussion Questions

  1. What has your experience been with sheep?
  2. What threats in your life need the protection of the Good Shepherd?
  3. Have you ever relied on a hired hand rather than Jesus? What happened?
  4. Read John 10:16. Where do you personally experience division in your life?
  5. What does Christ’s word in vs. 16 say about this division? What do his words mean for us as his followers?
  6. What does it mean to be a resident alien, a citizen of God’s kingdom first? What value and ethos comes to mind when you think of the kingdom of God?
  7. How would you describe your feelings toward those with whom you disagree?
  8. Who do you have in your life with whom you disagree? How do you maintain your relationship and mutual respect?
  9. What can you do throughout the next month to cultivate kingdom values and presence in your life and relationships?

Resources for Prayer