Sunday Resources for September 27, 2020

This Sunday we are bringing you a virtual Sunday Service from our living rooms to yours. We hope you enjoy it in this time that we are unable to meet together in person. Click Play on the video below to get started. Got a big screen? Watch the service on YouTube on your TV!

Discussion Questions

  1. What does it mean to you that Jesus said- I am the way, the truth, and the life?
  2. What resistance to this do you experience, internally and/or externally?
  3. How do you follow Jesus’ example in “the word became flesh and dwell among us”?
  4. How do you share life in your context with those who don’t believe?
  5. How does your understanding of eternal life impact how you live daily?
  6. What emotions arise when you ponder the reality that the US is not a Christian country?
  7. What do you see as yours to do as a follower of Jesus?

Resources for Prayer