The Art of Neighboring

by Barry Crane on Saturday, June 3, 2017

This week in staff meeting Pastor Kerry brought up the fact that she and PK are remodeling their kitchen. This has meant a lot of inconvenience and eating out a lot right now. It brought back memories of building our house in Edmonds a couple years ago. Steve and Becky Andersen did an amazing job, but it wasn’t an easy experience for us. Lots of decisions about what kind of house, how big, what color, what kind of finishes, woodwork, tile, counter tops, etc. We wanted it to be right so we spent a lot of time on it. But one thing we did not pay a lot of attention to were our neighbors. Yet our neighbors have a big impact on our lives.

This month we are going to spend some time together talking about neighbors in our series, The Art of Neighboring. At North Sound our hope is that a group of ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference by engagement with our neighbors. We know the word neighbor as a noun “neighbor”, but we are going to turn it into a verb and will learn how to neighbor well. A neighbor is more than something we are. It is something we do.

The big idea for this series is that: neighboring creates opportunities to connect our stories and our neighbor’s stories, to God’s story.