At the center of our diagram about North Sound Church is Worship. That is because worship is central to all we do. It is the first half of the Great Commandment, to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.Worship is simply loving God back for having first received his love. It involves all of our lives and how we live them, but it is especially the focus of the time in which we come together for celebration on weekends as the North Sound Church family. We sing. We pray. We listen to a talk based on God’s Word. We remember the Lord’s Supper together. We enter in. We leave encouraged.

Worship Team

Our Worship Team is made up of instrumentalists and vocalists who lead the congregation in worship on Sunday morning. If you have a background in music and are interested in participating click here.

North Sound Singers

The North Sound Singers is our choir that helps with special events and services. This talented group performs during special seasons and events.  Click here for more information 

Technical Services

Since we enjoy using media and drama in its ministry, there is a need for folks who have a background in computers, video, sound, and other technical experience to play an important role in our services. If you are interested in assisting with Technical Services, click here.