The Season of Lent at North Sound Church

At North Sound Church we participate in the powerful season of Lent. In the church calendar Lent is the 40 days before Easter, not including Sundays. Lent dates from the early days of the church as followers of Jesus prepared their hearts for remembering the death of Jesus on Good Friday and the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Lent is traditionally a time in which Christians take something away from their lifestyle. We call this fasting and it usually involves choosing to not eat a particular food item during this season or do engage in some other kind of fast such as a TV show, alcohol, etc. Lent is also a time for the addition of a spiritual practice to help in drawing closer to the Lord. Each attender of North Sound Church will receive a devotional guide called Journey to the Cross. This will help us prepare our hearts during this important season.

There are several ways to engage in Lent with North Sound Church this year. Our Ash Wednesday service is on Wednesday, February 14th. Pastor Barry will impose ash on the forehead of all who attend the service with the words: from dust you have come and to dust you shall return. It is a reminder of our human mortality and life beyond in Christ. This year, Dr. Hans Boersma, the J.I. Packer Professor of Theology, at Regent College, in Vancouver, British Columbia will be offering three Lenten Lectures on Friday, February 22 and Saturday, February 23 on the topic Re-Enchanging the Universe. You can get register and get additional information here.

Toward the end of Lent, the Ministries of Pastoral Care will present a Friday and Saturday, March 23 and 24, retreat at North Sound Church, under the leadership of Dr. Sarah Colyn. The Ministries of Pastoral Care retreat will be a time of receiving pastoral care through worship, teaching, and personal prayer ministry.  By receiving from the Lord, each attendee will also be growing in their capacity to offer this care to others.  The retreat will address barriers to knowing God’s presence with us, equipping us to more fully collaborate with Him in personhood, family life, and vocation.

Holy Week is the culmination of Lent. We have a Maundy Thursday service on March 29th in which we remember the Last Supper. On Good Friday we remember Jesus death on the cross with our Good Friday service and then on Easter Sunday morning we celebrate the Resurrection with three services in the North Sound Center at 8 am, 9:30 am and 11:00 am, including a service of baptism at 10:30 am in the Little White Church.