We are excited to introduce to you a new member of the North Sound Church pastoral team. Finny Philip will be serving the North Sound Church family as the Pastor of Community Ministry. This is a position that will be focusing on engagement beyond the walls of the church as we seek to see God’s kingdom come and his will be done on earth (in our community) as in heaven. Finny will be in the role of a pastoral intern until April of 2022 as a practicum related to his master’s degree program at Northwest University. We welcome Pastor Finny, his wife Joanne, and children John, Hannah. and Nathan. I have asked Finny to share with us a little of his background:


I am from India. I grew up and finished my schooling in Mumbai. I was blessed with godly parents who were working professionals and actively involved in church ministry. We were very active in our local church and beyond. For my professional education and training I left for Russia in 2003 and was there for six years. These years were very formative for my spiritual and vocational development. I graduated with an MD in Medicine, but the most memorable and personal aspect of my time was the bilingual youth fellowship we were able to initiate and all the wonderful experiences with it.  After coming home in 2009 and getting my medical license, I worked as a physician until 2015. It was during these years of clinical work I felt a deeper calling to minister to people’s spiritual needs, in addition to the physical and the emotional.


My bedside conversations gave me a new preceptive about ministry, beyond church walls, and to a group of people who were diverse and at a vulnerable point in their lives, needing hope, encouragement, and truth. I believed personally that Jesus was the answer to their questions. At the same time, my mind had to wrestle with intellectual and philosophical questions directed at faith by my vocation, peers and sometimes my patients and their suffering. Also, growing up in India, a multi-religious and multi-cultural country, held together by strong convictions of pluralism and secularism, presenting a comprehensive, but exclusive, gospel of Jesus in a compassionate and respectful way was a challenge.


I felt the need for a formal biblical and theological training, and this brought me to the US in 2015. It has been a journey where God has shown himself faithful and sovereign through all the spiritual, theological, and existential challenges and trials, strengthening our convictions and deepening the desire to pursue the truth and to minister the truth about God to our culture.


God has blessed me with my wife Joanne who has joyfully shared this journey with me and has been a wonderful mother to our three kids John, Hannah. and Nathan. I am glad to join the North Sound Church team as a pastoral intern and together bring this loving, healing, and restorative gospel to our community.