What is a Huddle?

A Gathering of 3 to 7 (gender specific) with greater ability for discipleship, mentorship, mission, accountability and expansion of additional huddles and leadership. Huddles are led by a Huddle leader and is something you are invited to by the Huddle leader.

Huddles encourage the practice of spiritual disciplines by the members of the group namely; scripture reading, study, prayer, meditation/reflection, fasting, confession, worship, service, solitude, simplicity, submission, guidance, fellowship and celebration.


As well, measurement of disciple making is by the growth in maturity and fruitfulness of the members (fruits of the spirit).

The standard each time Huddle meets is to answer two questions:

  1. What is the Lord saying to me?
  2. What is the Holy Spirit asking me to do specifically?

A Huddle is different from a Compass Group in the following ways:

Huddles are not open to the public. They are a group of people who are committed to attending a Huddle and are invited to be a part of the group by the leader. Huddles do not grow by adding more people to the group, huddles; grow when current members start a Huddle of their own.

Huddle leaders act as the primary disciplers of the members of the group, not as facilitators.

In Huddles, the expectation is you never miss a huddle unless absolutely necessary. In small groups people may not “feel” like attending on a particular night.

Huddles are seriously about helping the growing to grow deeper!

For more information about joining a huddle or starting a huddle contact  John Taylor