We call the process of growth in our Christian journey “discipleship”. There are some key ingredients that over the years folks have found to be most helpful in become mature disciples of Jesus. They include:


Important Teachings of the Faith

The study of the essential doctrines (what we believe) is of great importance.  After all, it is a good idea to understand who we are following.  

Consider listening to N.T. Wrights discussion titled "Simply Christian"  as a resource to understanding Christianity.  

Simply Christian (Parts 1-7)

In addition, we have provided a list of resources that we believe will be of benefit to those who desire to be followers of Jesus Christ.


This useful tool helps identify where an individual is at in their spiritual journey and helps them to discover their next steps for spiritual growth.  Completing a quick, private survey will help to get you going in the right direction, just fo you.  Click here to start your journey!

Compass Groups

Compass Groups are one of the ways we connect, grow, and serve at North Sound Church.  These groups meet on various nights of the week in different host homes.  Typically each gathering includes time for food, discussion, and prayer.  Each group also engages in a serving project together.  It's a lot of fun.  New groups are beginning all the time so if you are not yet part of a Compass Group, feel free to contact us and we will introduce you to some great people.  Contact:  John Taylor,, 425.776.9800

Spiritual Practices

Over the millennia, disciples of Christ have implemented practices that Jesus himself utilized.  We also recognized the value of spiritual practices and encourage everyone who desires to become more Christ-like in their character to utilize them as well.  Some of these practices may include:

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Study
  • Solitude
  • Worship & Celebration
  • Confession

There have been many great books written on these topics and one that we would highly recommend is entitled, The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster


There is an amazing correlation between service and growth in Christian character. At North Sound Church we encourage everyone to serve within the context of the congregation and outside the four walls, making a difference in our community. To serve or not to serve is not really an option for anyone serious about following Jesus Christ. Let us help you get plugged into making a difference through service In our Community  and In our Congregation

Grow Class

We are pleased to offer learning opportunities that will enhance our spiritual growth.  Previously we have enjoyed two outstanding sessions with Dr. Carl Armerding, past president of Regent University.  Our next session being offered is:  TBA


The role of a mentor is touted as a necessity by successful individuals in most sectors of society.  If we were to talk to a great coach, even that person would most likely name a few others who helped to shape them.  It's not surprising since most things are caught more than they are taught (as the adage goes).  The Bible also seems to suggest a great deal about mentorship:  Moses & Jethro, Elijah & Elisha, Paul & Timothy, and Jesus with Peter, James, and John.  

North Sound Church recognizes the value of mentorship and encourages everyone to both be a mentor and to be mentored. If you are ready to find a great mentor and need some help, send us a quick email and we will help you in this process.

This link will provide you with a list of other resources we recommend that will help you to "grow" in as a disciple of Jesus